AMRM Issue 80, September / October 1976

Comment: Editorial 11
Model Railway Layout: Bristol Midland 13
Australia N 5 17
40th Anniversary 19
Painting Methods for Model Railroaders 20
Prototype Plan SAR V Class 0-4-4T Locomotive 21
Plans: SAR V Class 0-4-4 Locomotive 22
Exhibition Reports: Chatswood & Asquith 1976 23
Modelling Project SAR FBX 24
Plans: SAR FBX Flat Wagon 24
Prototype Trackplan Petrie - Queensland 26
Plans: NSWR ACS Cars 28
Prototype Plan NSWR ACS Passenger Car 28
Plans: 1931 Dennis 30cwt Truck 33
Vintage Truck 33
Upper Quadrant Signals 35
Meet The Staff Bob Gallagher 41
Lima HO scale VR S class Diesel Electric Locomotive. Supplied by Fantastic Toy and Model Shop 43
Kits: MRC kit for NSWR MHG Good Brake Van in 3.5 mm scale 43
Schicht HO Passenger Cars. Supplied by Trains 'n Boats 'n Planes 43
ZAP, Hot Stuff and other Liquid Glues 43
Controllers: Locomotion Electronic Train Control Mk 1 by Locomotion Productions 44
Decals: M 'n' J Decals supplied by manufacturer 44
Tracksetta: gauges to aid laying track curves by Melcam Models, UK. Supplied by Alce's Hobby Shop 44
AHM Alco GE 1000 HP Locomotive. Supplied by Berg's Hobbies 45
Driver wheel/Gear Puller by North Western Short Line. Supplied by McBees Hobby Centre 45
GOO Contact Adhesive. Supplied by McBees Hobby Centre 45
ROCO HO Points. Supplied by Trains 'n Boats 'n Planes 45
Kits: VLX body kit in HO scale by KJ Hobbies 45